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One of the cornerstones to real estate investments is the rental stream you receive from the tenants. Vision Investment Properties recognizes this and offers its Rental Assurance Program to all clients. The purpose of our Rental Assurance Program is very straightforward.

Our Rental Assurance Program is designed to assure the income an investor receives. It begins from day one and lasts for four years, ensuring that you receive a set amount of rent every month.

The program gives our investors the safety and security they need to invest confidently and achieve their financial goals.


Every month for the first four years (the rental commitment period), Vision Investment Properties assures you a set amount of rental income (the assured amount). If the rental amount in a given month is less than the assured amount, Vision will top-up your rental income to the point that it meets the assured amount. The funds we use to top-up your rental income comes out of the specified balance, which is a set amount of money we put aside for the project to cover rental income amounts in the building for four years. The specified balance needs to be full. If there are rents in excess of the assured amount, then the excess will be used to top up the specified balance. When the specified balance is full, you will receive the extra funds as well.

Below is an infographic of how this works:

Assured rental amount: $1000

investment property rental assurance

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