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Why Invest With Vision?

At Vision Investment Properties, our business is to help you create wealth through real estate. We put our investors first and that is why we are committed to integrity, transparency and hard work.



Direct Ownership

Vision offers 100% direct ownership when you invest in our projects. As you own the property, your name goes on the title deed. This gives you complete control and flexibility over your investment.

Rental Assurance

Our signature rental assurance program was designed with the intent to provide further security to your investment. For the first four years of ownership, we assure the rents for your investment. This way, you can be certain that you will be receiving your monthly rental income. Read More

Immediate, Positive Cash Flow

All of Vision’s projects provide strong, monthly positive cash flow from day one. Vision offers only superior, quality investment opportunities to our investors. We follow an extensive due diligence process that includes rigorous evaluations, ensuring that our projects are financially attractive.

Property Management

We work with the best local property management companies that take care of property maintenance, leasing, tenant needs, financial statements, depositing and collecting rent, managing expenses and more.



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