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March 13, 2013

BC International Real Estate Convention

The BC International Real Estate Convention is a unique tradeshow in Western Canada created for the public and professionals alike who are interested or engaged in investing in residential or commercial real estate. The BC Real Estate Convention is an annual event that brings together a range of different enterprises such as, developers, realtors, municipalities, financial institutions, insurance agencies, associations and many other sources involved in the real estate industry.

If you are:

    • A first time buyer, and don’t know who to talk to or where to start
    • A seasoned investor and looking for new ways to increase or maximize your REI portfolio
    • A property owner that would like to develop or sell
    • Looking to invest internationally
    • Curious about the real estate industry and what it has to offer
    • Looking for the perfect municipality to live, buy or develop

Date: March 13-14, 2013
BC Convention Centre
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC

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