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Originally formed by a collective of experienced real estate investors in 2005, Vision International Properties represents the knowledge and experience of its founding members. Over the course of several years, Vision International Properties has taken its fundamentals in investment properties and expanded into development projects in the Alberta area. Vision International Properties develops multifamily condominium buildings in high growth areas with strong economic fundamentals.



Vision International Properties is dedicated in delivering quality residential properties of the highest standard that work for you.



At Vision, we strive to provide you with innovative products. From building designs and features to investment strategies, Vision strives to be a forward-thinking and progressive company.


Vision understands the value of security when it comes to real estate; as such, we believe in providing a safe and secure experience when working with Vision International Properties.

Integrity and Credibility

Our business model is one that delivers upon hard work, honesty, reliability and transparency.


Part of our comprehensive approach to real estate includes a commitment to keeping our clients informed and educated.

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About Us

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